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Need a Small Load of Ready Mix Concrete?
Smith’s Cart-Away Concrete in Wichita Falls, Texas has what you need!

Smith’s Cart-Away Concrete located at Smith’s Gardentown in Wichita Falls, Texas

What’s so unique about Smith’s Cart-Away Concrete?

  1.  Our trailers have a rotating drum, so the mix won’t settle or set!
  2.  These brand new mixer trailers can be towed by a ½ ton pickup truck and 1.75 cu. yd. loads by a ¾ ton pickup truck.
  3.  The mixers can carry 1 cu. yd. up to 1.75 cu. yd. of concrete for your small jobs.
  4.  You can purchase any amount you may need from ¼ cu. yd. up to 1.75 cu. yd.!
  5.  You only pay for the concrete you need! No more waste of dollars and time!
  6.  No waiting on deliveries! You get it when you need it 7 days a week!
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Smith’s Cart-Away Concrete

Small loads of ready mixed concrete

Smith's Cart-Away Concrete in use

Who Needs Smith’s Cart-Away Concrete?

Smith’s Cart-Away Concrete provides concrete to school districts, city government residential homeowners, commercial businesses, pool companies, plumbers, mobile home and RV communities, landscapers and anyone who needs concrete throughout the Wichita Falls area.

Plus, we offer different sack mixes depending on what strength is needed for your concrete pour.

No More Hand Mixing of Concrete with Smith’s Cart-Away Concrete

Smith’s Cart-Away Concrete is perfect for small batch projects for both business and residential customers. No more hand mixing. We make it easy!

Our prices include two-hour rental of trailer. Additional time is $50 per hour. Trailer must come back clean or you will be charged a cleaning fee.


Come by Smith’s Cart-Away Concrete at 4940 Seymour Hwy. or call (940) 692-7100 if you have questions and to reserve your trailer!

You can also use our concrete calculator to determine the amount of concrete you will need.
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CALL (940) 692-7100 to reserve your trailer!